CS101 Solved Grand Quiz Spring 2021

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CS101 Solved Grand Quiz Spring 2021

CS101 Solved MCQs

1compact disk is consist of material:Reflective
2Digital versatile disk capacity is__________MB.600 to 700
3SSDs stand for……..Solid State DISCK
4ASCII codes have ……. combinations27
5Unicode’s have a unique pattern of ……bits.21
6MIDI stands for………Musical Instrument Digital Interface
7Integer representation in 2’s complement used normally…………..BITS23
8When data being compressed consist of long sequence of________same value, the compression technique  is called Run Length Encoding
9SDHC (high capacity) can provide. …….GBs32
10Mostly computers have additional storage devices……….is calledMessage storage
11Most computers have additional memory device called………. mass storage isDVD’s and  Flash Drive
12When you want to search Google or search a query on a particular social media , you can add a symbol? “@”
13Fact sheet of ENIAC having weight30 Tons
14Example of search engine is  —————–Google ,yahoo and MSN
15The rate at which data transfer to or from diskTransfer Rate
16Computer hardware is the collection of …… of computer systemPhysical Parts
17 A machine especially one programmer by a computer are calledROBOTS
18Computer science applications are…………7
19———Database learn about will be implement educing tool like Microsoft accessDBMS
20….. One of the ear lie computer device wasteAbacus
21I kilo byte is equal to……..1024 byt
221 tear byte is equal to…….1024 GB
23……..In one bit we can represent two pattern0 or 1
24The bit receiver is known as the machineMain Memory
25RAM access for —————-Random access Memory
26The rate at which can be transferred to or from the diskTransfer Rate
27BDs stand for………………Blue Ray Disc
28CAD stand for………Computer added Design
29Lousy techniques can often provide then………compression than looses  MORE
30A variation of dictionary encoding isAdaptive dictionary encoding
31——– is storage organization in which are ordered in FIFO fashionQUEUE
32Techniques that allow the steps in the machine cycle to overlapPipelining
33MP3 do not require transfer rate more than….64 kbps
34___successfully relayed on communication paths having 40 Mbps Transfer rate.MPEG
35CPU and main memory connected via……..BUS
36MP3 is short for…..MPEG layer 3
37The best known system for compressing audio is……MP3
38The idea of storing a computer’s programmer  in its main memory is called…….Stored program concept
39CPU is designed to recognize institutions encoded asBIT Pattern
40Collection of instructions along with the encoding system is calledLanguage
41RISC stands forReduced Instruction Set Computer
42A request to transfer the contents of a register to a memory cell is called……..Store Instruction
43The commonly used standards for encoding and compressing audio and video were developed.MPEG
44CPU consists ……..parts:3 or Three
45The use of AND operation is an example of the process……..:Masking
468Kbps=…………:1 Kb per Second
47Communication between computer and other device is handling through apparatus   called……:Controller
48The ability of a controller to access main memory is calledDMA
49WAN is abbreviated of ……..:Wide wire Network
50The best known system of compressing audio is…….MP3
51Mp3recording generally require transfer rates of no more than ——kbps.64
52To compare sequence of picture in MPEG only some of the pictures calledI-Frame
53A machine CPU and main memory are connected by a collection of wires Called?BUS
54The idea of storing a computer’s program in its main memory is called?Store Data
55The now decode the content of its instruction register and executes its by activating the two’s complement addition circulatory with inputs being register?5 and 6
56The use of AND operation example of the process called ?Masking
57The result of circular shift is called?Rotation
58The result of circular shift is called?Hundred MBPS
59Communication between computing device is handled over pathSerial and parallel communication
60GbPS is?Billion Bits
61The portion of an operating system that handles this communication is often called theUser Inter face
62Most file manager allow files to be grouped into a bundle calledFOLDER
63A chain of directories within directions called …. ..pathDirectory
64Components of an operating system’s kernel is theMemory Manager
65The memory manger reserves of storage space on a magnetic disk4 GB
66Rom stands forRead Only Memory
67Culprit that auditing systems are designed to detect in the presencesniffing software
68A network of former type is called …….. networkOpen
69Computer network is often classified as:All of these
70The technique of holding data for output at a later but more convent time is calledSpooling
71A technique that transfer the distribution problem to internet routes……..Multicast
72A programmer that enter a computer system disguised as a desirable programmed  ———–Trojan horse
73Transporting audio and video across the internet in real time is known asStreaming
74If a user is using CGI script on a UNIX server, then the script type is called……..Server side scripting
75XML stands forextensible markup language
76OSI stands forOpen Systems Interconnection
773… Is a software that infects a computer by inserting itself into programs that already reside in the machineVirus
78….is an autonomous program that transfers itself through a network, taking up residence in computer and forwarding copies of itself to other computer.WORM
79Another form of malicious software isSpyware
80Dos stands forDenial of service
81Problem associated with an abundance of unwanted messages is the proliferation of unwanted email called.Spam
82Prevention tool that has filtering connotation is the…..Proxy Server
83SSL stands forSecure Sockets Layer
83SSL stands forSecure Sockets Laye
84Public key is used for ………messagesEncrypt
85Virus is executed in a computerBefore execution of Host
86Explosion of replicated copies that degrade the performance of legitimate application. This is property ofWorm
87Trojan can enterthrough games  and Unity package
88Spyware also calledShifting Software
89Process of overloading a computer with messages.DOS
90Software that act as a shield to protection from adverse actionproxy server
91Spam filter can distinguish between desired mail and spam TRUE
92Which key is required to decrypt messagesPrivate Key
93Computer Fraud and abuse act CoverTheft of information and worms and virus
94Repeaters passes signals betweenTwo original Busses
95A bridge is similar to aRepetor
96Peer-to-peer often abbreviated asP2P
97________ service allow clients to rent virtual computers by the hour, without concern for where the computer hardware is actually locatedAmazon’s Elastic Compute cloud
98 The distinction between the tier-1 and tier-2 ISPs is often a matter of opinionTRUE
99An access ISP is essentially an independent internet, sometimes calledINTERNET
100The process of using DNS to perform a translation is calledDONS Lookup
101VoIP is the abbreviation ofVoice over Internet Protocol
102An enormous portion of current internet traffic is used for transporting audio and video across the internet in real time, is known asStreaming
103WWW is the abbreviation of World Wide WebTRUE
104A networking technology called ___________, which enables an end user to automatically connect to the closest server out of a define group of servers helps to make CDNs practicalAny cast
105 A second form of VOIP consist ofAnalogue , Telephone and adaptors
106The point at which one network is linked to an internet is often calledGateway
107Distributed system in which many in depended computer work closely together to provide computation or service comparable to a much larger machine?Cluster Computing
108Each domain must be registered with ICANN process handled by companies called? Registrar
109DNS mean?Domain Name system
110Software packages that allow users to access hypertext on  the internet fall into categories?Browser and webserver
111Essentially a notational system by which a text document along with the document’s appearance can be encoded as  a simple text fileHTML
112Hypertext document also contain special symbol called?TAGS
113URL meansUniform source Locator
114Common Internet brewers include…..Fire Fox safari
115The distinction is that a hypertext document also contains special symbol..TAGS
116A traditional hypertext document is similar text file because text is HTML – encoded…Source Version
117HTM is essentially a notional system by which text document’s…Simply Text File
118)Music is traditionally represented does not conform the character by character..TEXT File
119The additional activity by either the browser or the web browserClient Side
120Then it hands these segment known ..Packets
121Origin prepare a packet it appends a value called ..Hop count
122If two functions were performed ‘PROCESS LOAN’ AND ‘ REJECT APPRECIATION’ what should be structure of problemIF-Else Method
123What should be sequence?Problem devise plan carry plan
124Stepwise refinement is a strategy to conquered ___ at onceTASK
125Which strategy is contrast to stepwise refinementBottom-Up Methodology
126Which has cause Computer science to grow so muchAlgorithm and problem solving
127As a general rule the use of a loop structure produces……..off  flexibilityHigher Degree
128A method of implementing repetition is the iterative structure knows asLOOP
129Change the state in such a way that it moves towards the termination conditionModify
130In each iteration “i” the current value of “i” will…….. With current value of “f”Multiplied
131The control of a loop consist of how many activitiesThree
132Repeat loop structure referred to as aPosttest Loop
133If we reach the end of the list without finding the target value our search terminates as….Failure
134In which collection of instructions called…A body of Loop
135Write a___ for finding maximum number from a list.Pseudo-Code
136The loop will keep executing until____ remains smaller or equal to nI
137Set of steps that define how a task is performed is calledAlgorithms
138In Unambiguous, the information in the state of the process must be sufficient to determine uniquely and completely the actions required by each step.TRUE
139A single algorithm can be represent in………Many ways
140The sentence, ________________ could mean either that the grandchildren cause problems when they come visit or that going to see them is problematic.“Visiting grandchildren can b never racking
141One semantic structure is the ________ of a computed value.Saving
142Another common semantic structure is no any reparation  execution of a statement or sequence of statement as long as some condition true.True
143In……. a man in Texas received very high radiations.1986
144Which is not the advantage of software verificationNONE
145Computer can execute…….of instructions in a secondBillions
146A measure of the execution time necessary for an algorithm to complete work in a set ofDATA
147In general a recursive function is designed to test for the termination condition often calledBase or degenerative Case
148One method of implementing such repetition is the iterative structure known as:LOOP
149In which execution of function the tested condition we’re true. ??Process Loan
150select the entry in the list known as:Test Entry
151A…………methodology progresses from the specific to the general :Bottom UP
152The collection of instructions called??BODY
153the loosely defined problem solving phases presented by the mathematicians G.polya in……….??1945
154Test for termination is performed before the body is executed in pretest loop:TRUE
155In insertion sort Algorithms lists are sorted out into:Alphabetical ORDER
156IF our target value is not present in oriental list, our approach to search will proceed as:By dividing into smaller segments
157Binary search executes each stage of a repetition as a subtask of the previous stage, known as:Recursion
158A recursive function is designed to test for:Degenerative and base case and Termination condition (ALL)

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