CS201 Solved Grand Quiz Spring 2021

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CS201 Solved Grand Quiz Spring 2021

CS201 Solved MCQs

1.            ——- is used for input file or for reading from the file


2.            Following is the declaration a —- array int arr[2][2][2];


3.            !(x<3)mean in C++ that

                X is greater than 3

4.            Which of the following option is correct to complete the declaration of the function —-(parameter1, parameter2) {

//code to be executed}

                Void function name

5.            Of stream is used for

                Output file stream

6.            By default the starting index of an array in C++ is—


7.            How we declare an array of integer data whose size is 20 with array name count

                Int count[20];

8.            Which of the following is a reserve word for data types in C/C++


9.            C was developed with the help of— language

                BCPL and B

10.          An object of— class can be created for saving the current position of any opened file befor reading from the file


11.          C++is a — language

                High level

12.          In while loop the loop counter is initialized at—

                Before entering the loop

13.          What is the output of the following code if the 3rd case is ture



Case “a”;




14.          — character is used to indicate the end of the string


15.          Which one of the following is used to perform bit wise exclusive or operation


16.          If x=11, and x%=3, than values of x will be


17.          A variable of character data type occupies — bytes in memory


18.          Null character is represented by — C++


19.          In computer system there are mainly — type of software


20.          There is a pointer variable named ptr of type float which type of variable address can be stored by ptr


21.          A character is stored in the memory in—


22.          X is a integer variable what does X++ means

                Add 1 X value

23.          When we call a function its control

                Transfers to its definition

24.          “\0” takes — space in the memory

                1 Byte

25.          —- will be used for enclosing function statement into a block


26.          How can we declare an array of characters whose size is 12 with array name “country”

                Char country[12];

27.          Following is the declaration of 2D array how many column are declared for this array int arr[3][2];


28.          If we assign 2.06721 to an integer variable x, what will be the output if we print x using cout<<statement


29.          We can access a global variable—

                From anywhere in the program

30.          We use — to include all those functions in our program which are located in different files


31.          A character is stored in a memory in —


32.          Which is not true regarding structures

                We can declare array of structure

33.          Mr .Ahmad sleep thirty hours every day .this sentence is—

                Grammatically correct but illogical

34.          — will explain the function of a program


35.          Char**argv can be read as—

                Pointer to pointer to char

36.          What will be output of the following code

String name[4]={“ali”,”bilal”,”omer”,”ayeshan”};



39.          !(x>3)means is in C++ that

                X is less than 3

40.          The data type before a function name represents its

                Return type

40.          The expression((a+b)==10))||((x+y)==20)is true only if

                Either ((a+b)==10) OR ((x+y)==20)is true

41.          We have opened a file stream my file for reading (getting) myfile tellg() given us the current get position of  file pointer it returns a whole number of type—


42.          = operator is used for—

                Assigning values to variables

43.          What is the use of is::trunk mode

                To truncate an existing file to zero

44.          Structures use—- allocation


45.          Void myclass()

{ cout<<”I am student of BCSC.\n;}

Void my class2()

{ cout<<”I am  student of BSIT.\n”;}

Int main()

{ my class2();

My clas();}

                I am student of BSIT I am student of BSCS

46.          What will be the size of the following character array

Char name[]=”Adeel”;


47.          A— is an array of characters that can store number of character specified


48.          —- statement is used to terminate the processing of a particular case and exit from switch structure


49.          If y=20 and z=y++ then the value of z will be—-


50.          If

Int a=17;

Int b=3;

Double c=a/b;

What will be value of variable c


51.          What will be the output of the following code

String grade[3]={“A”,”B”,”C”};




52.          Declaration of two dimensional array of integer having 3 rows and 5 column is following

                In arr [3][5];

53.          A=a+1; can be written as—


54.          A record is a group of related


55.          What will be the result of arithmetic expression 6+48/4*3


56.          —- construct is used to execute a set of instruction when a condition is true and other set when it is false


57.          If an array has 50 element what is allowable range of subscripts


58.          If int a=50; then the value of a=3; will be


59.          Which of the following option is/are correct about array?

                Only one type of element can store in an array

60.          Whenever some number is added in an array name it will jump as many—


61.          —— returns true if c is a digit or a letter and false otherwise

                Int isalnum(int c)

62.          Which of the following is the default mode of the opening using the of stream class


63.          In which language the compiler of c language is written


64.          While loop executes at least

                One time

65.          String are accessed by variable of type


66.          Which of the following is the correct operator to compare the values of two variables


67.          Not operator is a —

                Single input operator

68.          Pointer point to a particular

                Memory address

69.          A function is a block of statement that can be defined once and used—-

                As many times as user wants

70.          —- function is used to find the number of characters in a string


71.          != operator is used to check whether the operand on the left-hand side is—-

                Not equal

72.          A while loop many execute —- or more times


73.          How we declare an array of integer data whose size is 20 with array name count

                Int count[20];

74.          A variable declared within a code block become —– variable for that block


75.          If a file is opened with ios::out mode, then—-

                We can write in this file

76.          A function prototype is written —- the function call


77.          —- loop is mostly used to perform repetition of a tasks for a known number of time


78.          In shifting operations if zero is inserted at the left most bit the negative number will become a—


79.          It is the job of — to transfer the executable code from hard disk to main memory


80.          RAID stands for

                Redundant array of inexperience device

81.          Array indexes start from—


82.          In call by reference — of a variable is passed to the called function


83.          How many times the following do while loop will execute

Int k=10;





84.          The name of a location in memory is called—


85.          Which statement is used to close a file


86.          —— allow us to have a memory location and use it as int or char interchangeably

                none of the given

87.          while handling files one can have—- option

                all of the given

88.          which is the correct syntax to define a structure named student

                struct student{//variable};

89.          <and> both are—– operators


90.          Identify the logical error in the following if condition


                Condition is always false

91.          The use of* sign in first and second statements is called



                Referencing dereferencing

92.          C is widely known as development language of operating system


93.          If x is declare as an integer what will be result of the given expression


94.          What will be the correct syntax of declaration of the following statement

                Const int*ptr

95.          = operator is used for—–

                Assigning values to variable

96.          After evaluating the expression X=10+3*4/2-1 the value of x will be


97.          We can read write and manipulate the same file using


98.          Return type of a function that does not return any values must be—-


99.          Pointer store the—

                Memory address

100.        —– operator uses the sign^

                Exclusive OR

101.        To get the values stored at a memory address we use the—

                Dereferencing operator

102.        C++ is a—- language

                High level

103.        Telling a computer what to do is called


104.        Null character is represented by — c++


105.        A character is stored in the memory in—-


106.        Complier translates high level language program into —- language code


107.        Each array declaration must provide the information about all these things except—

                The location of the first element to be stored

108.        Eof is used to check for the—- of file when a file is being read


109.        The result of 4%3 will be


110.        When the logical operator AND(&&0 combine two expression exp1 and exp2 then the result will be true only

                When both exp1 and exp2 are true

111.        Multi[3][3]element can also be accessed by


112.        What is output of following code int data[10]={10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100};int*xptr=&data[4],




113.        Which of the following is not the subcategory of the system software

                None of the above

114.        We get 12|8=— where “|”is(bit wise OR)


115.        —-is a substitute of multiple if statement

                If— elseif statement

116.        Find out the logical error in following lines of code


Cout<<”x is 10”;

                Assignment operator should not be used for comparison

117.        Which is not true regarding structures

                We can not declare pointers to structure

118.        — are used to compile the code


119.        A— structure specifies that can action is to be repeated while some condition remains true


120.        In which language the compiler of c language is written


121.        Character strings are terminated by—


122.        A function is a block of statement that can be define once and used — in the program

                As many times are user wants

123.        — is used for output during the process of writing to the file


124.        In case of two dimensional array if you add some number in a two dimensional array name it will jump to the next—


125.        In while loop the condition is checked — the execution of loop


126.        Which step is not not performed during a program design

                Write details about the performance of program

127.        We can say that a pointer is a variable that hodles the— address


128.        When accessing a structure member the identifier to the left of the dot operator is the name of—-

                Structure variable

129.        Suppose we have a file name myfile.txt what will be the correct syntax of file opening for input


130.        Suppose we have int y[10];

To access the 4th element of the array we write—


131.        Which operator has the highest precedence


                *and/both have the same highest precedence

132.        To read command line argument the main() function itself must be given—


133.        From the following which one is the range of random number generator function rand()


134.        ________variables are those that are defined are outside of main


135.        When the compiler overload the assignment (=) operator by Default then

                Compiler does member wise assignment

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