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CS508 Solved Grand Quiz Spring 2021 - VULMS Help

CS508 Solved Grand Quiz Spring 2021

Dear Students in this post we are providing you CS508 Solved Grand Quiz Spring 2021. We have provided all Past CS508 Grand Quiz with 100% correct Solution. You can also visit our website for the solution of CS508 Mid Term past paper and Final Term Past paper.

CS508 Solved Grand Quiz Spring 2021


1_______was designed primarily for system simulationSimula
2Which of the following is not a discrete type in ada.String Type
3The property list in LISP is a substitute of______.C/C++ Structure
4Which of the following operator is used for pattern matching is SNOBOL?(Space)
5In SNOBOL, we can create new pattern by____ two or more pattern.Concatenating
6A_____ is used to signify a potentially infinite loop in ada.Simple loop
7The design and evaluation of a particular_____ is highly dependent on the domain in which it is to used.Programming language
8“Everything for everybody” was the motive of the languagePL/1
9Which of following is not part of standard SNOBOL4 statement structure?END
10The first programming language was______. Developed by Zuse in isolation.Plankalkul
11The tools we use have a profound (and devious!) influence on our____ habits and. Therefore, on our thinking abilities.Thinking
12Which of the following functions assigns value 5 to symbol y.?>(setq y 5)
13_____ was considered good for describing algorithms.ALGOL
14______ was developed at Bell labs by Stroustrup. It evolved from C and SIMULA 67.C++
15What is maximum length of variable name is Snobol?120
16The first programming language to support Recursion was_____.LISP
17Two important versions of LISP are_________.Scheme and Common Lisp
18Pascal language was popular in Colleges and universities to teach:Structured Programming
19_____was developed at Sun in the early  1990s and is based on C++.Java
20To implement a counter-controlled loop in LISP. Which of the following statement is used?Dotimes
21Measure of______ is considered as the cost of writing programming language.Productivity
22_____ was the era when programming language design took an empirical approach.1950s
23_____ are a type of Aliasing.Pointers
24Some languages allow special keywords for signaling the start and of a construct. Making it more______ and less prone to errors.Readable
25In the Decimal fixed point type. The distance between values is implemented as a power of______.10
26Following are some of the reasons for studying concepts related to different programming languages EXCEPT.Increased capability to design communication links
27Which of the following statement is correct about SNOBOL?Poor Readability poor Writability
28A query given to a PROLOG system:Is a pattern matching exercise
29A loop in which condition is tested after executing the body of loop post-test loop. Which of the following post-test loop is not supported in Ads language?‘do while’ loop
30Which of the following is an incorrect option from the following statements regarding ‘objectives of learning new languages ’?   Help in understanding the language privacy policy.  
31Computer architecture has a major influence on the design of programming language.    True
32A language that is more orthogonal is usually more _________.   Readable
33The variable name has profound effect on _______________. Readability
34Following factors influences a portable language design EXCEPT.Programmer’s time   
35In SONOBOL TABLES can be used in a manner similar to ___.Array
36Programming Language is basically a tool for instructing a computer to perform specified set of task.   True  
37Initial version of SONOBOL only supports __________ and stringInteger
38COBOL is mainly designed for _______.   Business application
39Following are imperative languages EXCEPT   LISP
40Binary operator in SONOBOL must have at least ________ spaces on both sides.1
41_______ was the first object oriented language.   SIMULA
42COBOL was the first language that brings the concept of__________.Records
43_____ are a type of Aliasing. Arrays
44A space is used as _____ for concatenation.   Operator
45The space operator in SNOBOL has _____ precedence than arithmetic operators.Lower
46First electronic computer was _________ ENIAC
47SNOBOL was designed for ___________ purpose.   String manipulation
48SONOBOL can the size of the array be determined at run time.Yes
49SIZE function in SONOBOL language is used to return the size of _________String
50PROLOG represent _______________ paradigmDeclarative
51SONOBOL is case _______   In- Sensitive
52If a language provides a feature of referencing a variable in more than one way then we say that  the language provides _________.   Aliasing
53For immediate value assignment ______ sign is used$
54Pattern. Variable Upon successful completion of pattern matching, the substring matched by the pattern is assigned to the variable as ________ .  Value
55Indirect referencing in SONOBOL is same as of _____in C.  Pointers   
56The declarative language among the following is.PROLOG
57Learning the implementation details of a language helps in the efficient use of that language.True
58Too much Orthogonality reduces Readability.   False
59In SONOBOL 2 spaces can be used, the purpose of 1st space is for _____ and 2nd for.Pattern matching, String Concatenation   
60Too much simplicity in language design can also cause problems. False
61Computer architecture has a major influence on the design of programming language.True
62_____________ was considered good for describing algorithms.  ALGOL
63PROLOG represent _______________ paradigm. Declarative
64We can have nested procedures in _________ language. Ada
65____ is used to give comments in Ada language.4)——-
66Ada is a _____________ language.   Strongly Typed
67In LISP, ___________ is the main tool used for iteration.Recursion
68Following statement returns the union of the two list in LISP.   >(union L1 L2)
69One of the major design goals of Ada help develop an IDE for Ada 
70It is always better to find out the mistakes in the code at ________. Compile time   
71___________ is an important feature of Ada language used in embedded systems and operating systems. It is used in managing parallel threads of controls.  Tasking
72The __________ of while loop in Ada is same as in C.   Semantics
73The main design goals of Ada were EXCEPT.  Design language for DoD
74Lists can be constructed with the help of three basic functions which are ___________.cons, list and append
75Two important versions of LISP are _________________. Scheme and Common Lisp
76Block statement in Ada is very different to a block in C. False
77Following is the correct syntax of ‘for’ statement in Ada.For variable in low value.  High- value loop – Loop body goes here end loop;
78A concept similar to Classes in Ada is called _____. Packages
79Indexes of arrays in Ada DO NOT start from.0
80In C# Managed code is executed under the control of CRLCRL
81__is more strongly typed language then ____C#, C++
82. In C# the value type and reference type variable are interconvert able through ________None of the given
83PHP supported all major Databases including_________.ODBC
84Object in java script can be accessed through ……… None of the above
85 In SONOBOL the size of the array can be determined at time
86In ____ model in Javascript, we can address the client web browser. (kuch esa hi tha thik se yad nae) BOM
87_____ Language has finally clause.Java

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