CS607 Solved Grand Quiz Spring 2021

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CS607 Solved Grand Quiz Spring 2021


 1Which of the following is not of the steps of simple search algorithm?Copy visited queue to priority queue.
 2_________is the type of knowledge that can be described as the knowledge about knowledge.Metaknowledge
 3The rules that define how conflict resolution will be used, and how other aspect of the system itself will run, are called_____.Meta rules
 4Identify the TRUE statement regarding “ heuristics”.Heuristics don’t always give us good to reach to goal state.
 5The ability to understand things without explicitly programmed a computer is called?Machine learning
 6“In a context of Hill climbing algorithm, a person may reach the portion of a mountain  which is totally flat, whatever step he takes gives him no improvement in height hence he gets stuck.” The above statement refers to:Plateau problem
 7To implement  simple search algorithm as breadth first search, we use the formula given below and give priority to element with ______P(n) value whare :P(n)= height(n)Minimum
 8The conference that launched the AI revolution in 1956 ware held at?Dartmouth
 9Cost of a human expert is ______ as compared to an expert systemHigh
 10The expert system models the following aspect(s) of human expertKnowledge and reasoning
 11The machine has ________, it would have used its knowledge to counter for this new situation in its environmentStrong intelligence
 12______AI actually tries to recreate the function of the inside of the brain as opposed to simply emulating behavior.Strong
 13“In a context of Hill climbing algorithm, you might just reach local maxima and think that you have reached the global maxima, so getting stuck in the middle of searching the solution space.” The above statement refers to:Foothill problem
 14Solving problem through genetic algorithm______ on the number of iteration is usually used to end the process in finite time.Upper limit
 15Implication can also be represented as (A͢͢͢͢͢͢ → B )=?¬A ˅ B
 16The ability to learn and recognize things automatically called?Intelligence
 17_______ can be viewed as the processor in an expert system.Inference engine
 18General games involves ______.Only single-agent and multi-agent
 19Advertisarial search problem uses______.Competitive environment
 20IF A THEN B   This can be considered to have a similar logical meaning as the following.A-> B
 21If an arrow point from node “A” to node  “B” then, node “B” will be called.Child of node “A”
 22CLIPS stands for:C Language Integrated Production System
 23Some essential component of problem solving Problem Statement,_____. Solution Space and Operators.Goal state
 24Genetic algorithms start with the population of a randomly generated, attempted solutions to a problem and repeatedly do the following except ____.Perform non-parallel search
 25What is artificial intelligence?Making a machine intelligent
 26To create intelligent machine we first need to understand how the real_________Brain function
 27The breath- first search traversal of a graph will result into?Tree
 28The breath- first search, how many times a node is visited?Equivalent to the number of in-degree of the node
 29R1/XCON expert system was developed by?Digital Equipment Corporation
 30In Depth-First Search, how many times a node is visited?Equivalent to the number of in-degree of the node
 31Every graph can be converted into a______.Tree
 32A function by which we can tell which board position is nearer to our goal is callad______Fitness function
 33A knowledge structure that relates some known information to other information that can be concluded or inferred to be true is represented as_______Rule
 34Hit and trail is a classical approach to solve the_______problems easily.Trivial
 35Graphs and networks allows_______between aojects/entities to be incorporated.Relationships
 36In Genetic algorithm, _______ has the same notion of having something or some attribute from a parent while _______ refers to a small random change.Inheritance, mutation
 37Back–propagation learning algorithm was invented  by_______Bryson and ho
 38The simple idea behind _____is that if we can reach a specific node through more than one different paths then we shall take the path with the minimum cost.Dynamic programming
 39The simplest way to perform_____ is to combine the head of one individual to the tail of the other.Crossover
 40Which of the following is true?A graph may contain many edges and no vertices
 41How many types of rules are there in formal knowledge representation?7
 42Variation in the offspring’s(children) of the individuals are due to_______Both mutation and inheritance
 43The symbol for the existential qualifier is represented as ____. It is also read as “ THERE EXIST”.
 44Which of the following is not a component of an expert system?Template
 45In CLIPS, the Defrule construct is used to add______.Rules
 46In _______ search, rather than trying all possible search path, we focus on paths that seem to be getting closer to the goal state using some kind of “guide”Heuristic
 47Which of the following is not considered being trait(s) of an expert?They possess long term memory
 48Which of the following is NOT one of the expert systems?XOR
 49The formulae (ꓱx)(Person (x) ʌ father (x, Ahmed)) can be translated in simple words and read as.There exist some person x who is Ahmed’s father
 50________are able to overside the normal rules in expert systems.Meta rules
 51______ are data structures for representing stereotypical kmowledge of some concept or object.Frames
 52Which one of the following command is used to see the facts in  CLIPS?(facts)
 53Ability to tackle ambiguous and fuzzy problems demonstrate.Intelligence
 54Which approach is used by the Best First S earch algorithm while searching?Greedy
 55We use graphs to represent problems and their ______.Solution spaces
 56Which of the following is not a branch and bound strategy to generate branches?Highest cost branch and bound
 57“ I have never seen horses eating meat, so I can conclude that horses never eat meat”. The given statement refers to:Inductive reasoning
 58General stages of ESDLC includes.Beta system (tested by users)  
 59Can we precisely define Artificial Intelligence?No we can not  
 60In Candidate-Elimination algorithm version space is represented by two sets named:G and S  
 61In backward chaining terminology, the hypothesis to prove is called the ________.Goal  
 62The traveling inside a solution space requires something called as __________.Operators  
 63Genetic Algorithms is a search method in which multiple search paths are followed in _______.Parallel  
 64____________ learning works on existing facts and knowledge and deduces new knowledge from the old.Deductive  
 65Identify that for which purpose statment given below is used (deftamplate Person (slot name (type STRING)) (slot age(type NUMBER)) )CLIPS  
 66Identify the correct statement to list facts numbers 1 through 10  clips> (facts 1 10)  
 67Semantic networks are graphs, with nodes representing _________ and arcs representing _________ between objects.objects, relationships  
 68Identify the sets in which Membership Function is used.Fuzzy set  
 69Mutation can be as simple as just flipping a bit at random or any number of bits.True  
 70Outputs of learning are determined by the ________?
 71_________ is the process of formulating the mapping from a given input to an output using Fuzzy logic.?
 72Identify correct statement for the given rule. IF The aptitude level of an undergraduate student is low and The English understanding level of undergraduate student is dull THEN He is not eligible to go abroad for higher studies. 
 73An expert system may replace the expert or assist the expert.True  
 74Intelligence is the ability to ____________.All of the above  
 75Best First Search is a greedy approach.True
 76The tractable problems are further divided into structured and ____________ problems.Complex  
 77In Optimal Path searches we try to find the _________ solution.  Best  
 78The goal of knowledge analysis is to analyze and structure the knowledge gained during the planning phase.  False  
 79We use graphs to represent problems and their solution spaces.  True  
 80Inductive learning takes examples and generalizes rather than starting with __________ knowledgeExisting  
 81__________ AI treats the brain as a black box and just emulates its functionality.  Weak  
 82Most of the solution spaces for problems can be represented in a ___________.  Graph  
 83The foothill problem occurs whenever there are________ peaks.Secondary
 84A statement in conjunctive normal form (CNF) consists of _________.ANDs of Ors.
 85Which one of the problems is more subtle, and consequently, is more frustrating?Ridge  
 86The paths founded by Best First search are likely to be _________ than those found with other methods.Shorter  
 87Which one is NOT the advantage of Neural NetworkNone of the given  
 88Which of the following disciplines provides us with the theories of structure and meaning of language?Linguistic  
 89Which of the following things demonstrate Intelligence?All of the above  
 90Fuzzy logic is actually a superset of conventional boolean logicTrue  
 91__________ is a Classical way of problem solving.Generate and Test  
 92A classical set is a container, which wholly includes or wholly excludes any given element.True  
 93Identify the correct definition of linear model given below.A linear sequence of steps is applied repeatedly in an iterative fashion to develop the Expert Systems.  
 94Intelligence is the characteristic ofLiving being
 95From discipline of _____________ we have information about the network structure of a human brain and all the theories on functionalities of different human organs.Biology  
 96Sequence wise main phases of Linear model used in developing expert systems are given below.?
 97What is the correct order for solving a problem using GA
I. Choose the best individuals from the population for crossover
II. Choose initial population
III. Evaluate the fitness of each individual
 98From discipline of _____________ we have the tools and techniques to investigate the human mind and ways to represent the resulting theories.Psychology  
 99The first step of FIND-S is to initialize h to the most specific hypothesis in __________: h = < Ø , Ø >?

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