CS609 Solved Grand Quiz Spring 2021

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CS609 Solved Grand Quiz Spring 2021


 1_______ is used to program various common parameters of transfer for all the channels.DMA Command Register
 2In _______ each byte is needed to be encapsulated in start and end.Asynchronous communication
 3________ No. of bytes are used to store the character in the key board buffer.2
 4If NTFS volume is accessed in DOS then what will happen?It will fire error of invalid media.
 5There are two types of communication; synchronous and anti-synchronousFalse
 6Which of the following register is used, if you want to block access of any Hardware.ISR
 7LSN of FS Info block is available at _____.FAT
 8Counter register can be used to divide clock signal.True
 9The BIOS interrupt ________ can be used to configure RTC.1AH
 10The amount of memory above conventional memory (extended memory) can be determined using the service _______.15H/88H
 11What will happen if NTFS volume is accessed in DOS??
 12_______ is a collection of contagious blocks.Cluster
 13If we want to send printing on the printer then we have to perform following steps.All of the given
 14NTFS volume can be accessed directly in DOS.False
 15DSR stands for _________.Data set ready
 16DTE is _________.Data terminal equipment
 17In FAT12, to calculate the address or offset from index, we need to multiply it with ________.3/2
 18The _________ function initializes COM port whose number is passed as a parameter using BIOS services.initialize()
 19What will be the value of the word located at 1Fh in DPB when number of free clusters on drive is not known?FFFFH
 20DMA may not support memory to memory transferFalse
 21The ______ service # is not used in any interrupt.FF
 22In order to produce the sound from PC internal Speaker we have to load the _________ bit divisor value at the _________ port.16, 0x42
 23There are two main types of interrupts, namelyHardware interrupts and Software interrupts
 24_______ is used to identify the cause of interrupt.Interrupt ID register
 25DOS has practically limit of _________ blocks per cluster.64
 26The Function of I/O controller is to provide ________.All of given
 27IVT is a table containing ______ byte entries each of which is a far address of an interrupt service routine.4
 28In NTFS, FAT and root directory has been replaced by ________.MFT
 29If we want to produce the shrill voice from the speaker phone then we have to load the _________ divisor value at Port _________.high, 0x42
 30Boot sector is the ________ logical sector of NTFS partition.First
 31A cluster is same as block.Logically
 32______whenever received indicates the start of communication and ______ whenever received indicates a temporary pause in the communication.XON & XOFF
 33_______ store the base address for LPT1.40:08H
 34Each partition information chunk is 16 bytes long and the last two bytes at the end of the partition table data part is the partition table signature whose value should be_______indicating that the code part contains valid executable code.AA55
 35To set the interrupt vector means is to change the double word sized interrupt vector within the IVT.True
36DOS has a built in limit of ________ blocks per cluster.128
 37Total number of clusters of FAT12 are ________.FEE H
 38Standard PC operates in two modes in terms of memory which areReal mode and protected mode
 39BPB stands for ________.BIOS parameter block
 40Int _________ service 0 can be used to set the line parameter of the URT or COM port.14H
 41When LSN is equal to zero (0), it means ________.LSN is relative address with respect to the start of Logical  
 42DCE is ___________.Data communication equipment
 43Drive paramrter block is derived from ________.BPB
 44Control information about files is maintained using ______.FCB
 45We can access the contents of File by using the root directory entry and ________.?
 46The _________ function uses the COM port number to receive a byte from the COM port using BIOS services.recievechar()
 47When we mark a file as deleted by placing 0xE5 then the chain of clusters in FAT is also replaced by ________.0
 48n FAT32, lower _______ bits are used.28 bits
 49The service _________ is called the keyboard hook service.15H/FFH
 50To store a cluster in FAT32 ________ is/are needed.4 Bytes
 51XON whenever received indicates the start of communication and XOFF whenever received indicates a temporary pause in the communication.True
 52______ structure is a tree like structure.DOS Directory
 53The output on the monitor is controlled by a controller called __________ within the PC.Video controller
 54In case of synchronous communication a timing signal is required to identify the start and end of a bit.True
 55File can be _______ viewed as organization of data.Logically
 56In keyboard status byte bit no. 2 and 3 are used for ctrl and alt keys respectively. which of the following condition is used to check that Ctrl + Alt keys are pressed. Where: unsigned char far * scr = (unsigned char far *)(0x00400017);if (((*scr)&12)==12)  
 57If the following function, keep(1, 1000); is called in the TSR program, it means that ________ No. of bytes are reserved in the memory.16000
 58Int 14H __________ can be used to set the line parameter of the UART or COM port.Service # 0
 59If printer is __________ then printer sends back the ACK signal to the printer interface.Idle
 60The keyboard makes use of interrupt number ________ for its input operations.9
 61The service number is usually placed in the ________ register.AH
 62Timer interrupt approximately occurs______ times every second.18.2
 63Interrupt 9 is used to read scan code from________.Keyboard
 64UART is a device used for _______ serial communication.Asynchronous
 65Int86() has ________parameters.3
 66In standard PC________ DMA’s canbe cascaded.2
 67Control word controls the ________ rate of keyboard.Type matric
 68If we want to send printing command on the printer then we have to perform following steps.Initialize , read status and checking
 69If a device driver needs to change of CAPS LOCK on keyboard then,______should be written on the keyboard.CAPS LOCK Byte
 70The keayboard hook service is always called by interrupted _____after acquiring the scan code from keyboard port .9H
 71Size of FS Info block is _______.512 bytes
 72Software based flow control make use of _________control characters?
 73The accumulative time that is required to access the selected block is called ________.Access time
 74At IRQ7 Interrupt # __________ is used.x0F
 75______ is the first block on diskLBA=0 block
 76Only _______ ports are important from programming point of view.70 and 71H
 77The __________ function simply enables the self test facility within the modem control register.SelfTestOn()
 78______ is used to read a block against its LSN.absread( )
 79Int 14H __________ can be used to send a byte.Service # 1
 80When LSN is equal to zero (0), it means ________.LSN is relative address with respect to the start of Logical
 81The memory addresses of COM ports remain same for all computers.False
 82If FAT entry is between FFF0H to FFF6H in FAT16 then _________.It is a Reserved cluster
 83BIOS support _________UARTS as COM ports.4
 84Here are ________ kinds of serial communication.2
 85_______ is a device incorporated into the PC to update time even if the computer is off.Real time clock
 86Int ________ is used to control the printer via the BIOS.17H
 87The size of each entry in FCB of FAT12 and FAT16 file systems is:2 Bytes
 88Total number of bytes that can be stored in Keyboard Buffer is_____32
 89The bit______ of Line control register in UART, if set indicates that the DLL and DLM will act as the divisor register.7
 90Bit number______of port 64H of keyboard status register indicate status of time-out error during input.7
 91Suppose TX has current timer count stored in it and TIME is a pointer to timer count. Now this while loop will produce a delay of_______.Quarter of a second
 92________stores the base address for LPT1.40:08 H
 93In interrupt 17H , if DX register contains zero, then I/O will be  performed on__________LPT1
 94The speed of microprocessor depends on_______Frequency of clock signal
 95Interrupt ______is empty; we can use its vector as a flag.65 H
 96The interrupt no. 65 H is used _________Neither by DOS nor by BIOS
 97Timer interrupt is invoked by means of______ Hardware
 98In Real time clock, the status _______ is used to specify the date time formula.Register B
 99The UART devices uses _____ for error detection.Parity Bit
 100BIOS data area starts from _________.40:00H
 101The registers flags_______ are pushed on stack after execution of INT instruction and execution branches to the interrupt procedure.CS and IP
 102What is the output of the following:   #include<DOS.H> Union REGS regs; Void main(void) { Regs.h.al=0x99; }99
 103Parameter in interrupts are passed  through ______.Registers
 104The printer interface uses the_________.IRQ 7
 105While performing I/O on the printer using BIOS services, we must check_____ of status byte to see if printer is busy or not.Most significant bit
 106RESG is a__________.Union
 107Every ISR(interrupt service routine) should check service number in _____register and then perform the function accordingly.AH
 108The register which is not available in the UART device is__________Interrupt focus register
 109In the counter register of interval timer, bit number 3 changes its value between 0 and 1 within_____clock cycle16
 110Operating system information is in a special block on disk which is called______Boot block
 111The IPP acts as an interface between the CPU and a parallel_______I/O device
 112All interval timer channels are ______ bits wide.16
 113In interrupt software interrupts, the original interrupt can be invoked.Anywhere in ISR
 114_______is used to set date.1A/05H
 115Frequency of clock signal measures the speed of the _______CPU
 116To store each character in keyboard buffer _______bytes are required.2
 117In the context of COM ports. AH register is treated as a________.Line status register
 118How many interrupts can be addressed via interrupt vector table?256
 119File is ________ viewed as an organization of data physically it can be collection of clusters or blocks.Logically
 120The output on the monitor is controlled by a controller called __________ within the PC.Video controller
 121There are ________ kinds of serial communication.2
 122Cluster number can also be referred as block number.False
 123In DOS we have limit of _______ blocks per cluster.128
 124________ is used to read time from RTC.1A/02H
 125A cluster is same as block.False
 126______ is Disk interrupt.13H
 127Total No. of bytes that can be stored in Keyboard Buffer is_________.32
 128The baud rate is set in accordance with the divisor value loaded within the UART internal registers base +0 and base +1.True
 129If we know the cluster number, we can access the blocks within the cluster using BIOS services directly.False
 130In FAT32, lower _______ bits are used.28 bits
 131_______register is used to store interrupt service number.AL
 132In case of asynchronous communication a timming, signal is not required to identify________Both start and end of the bit
 133_______ is used to control the printer via BIOS.INT 17H
 134The keyboard buffer is a memory area reserved in the_____.BIOS data area
 135________notifies the end of interrupt(EOI) to the programmable interrupt controller?Microprocessor
 136The scan code for a key pressed would be available at port number____.Port 60
 137The distinguishing factor between intel coprocessor 80287 and 80387 is that only ______ allow to reserve the sign  of infinity.80387
 138In real time clock, when status register D indicates 0 then it shows that the batter is______Dead
 139Bit number _______ of port 64H of keyboard status register is used for parity error checking.7
 140In self test mode of UART, the output of UART is_____ its input.Different from
 141“I/O devices are directly connected to the CPU”NO

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