PHY101 Solved Grand Quiz Spring 2021

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PHY101 Solved Grand Quiz Spring 2021


1A body will be in translation equilibrium if: F = 0
2The fundamental dimensions of angular momentum are .ML2T-1
3Water flows into a house at a velocity of 15 m/s through a pipe that has a radius of 0.40 m. The water then flows through a smaller pipe at a velocity of 45 m/s. what is the radius of the smaller pipes?0.23 m
4The ultimate strength of a sample is the stress at which the sampleBreaks
5A stone is thrown up from the surface of earth, the it reaches a maximum height, kinetic energy  is equal to:Zero
6If the speed of sound is 340m/s a plane flying at 400m/s creates a conical shock wave with an apex half angle of:58?
7The law of inertia was firstly formulated by:Newton
8Bodies which falls freely under gravity provides good example of motion under:Uniform acceleration
9The value  of k in coulomb’s law depends uponMedium between two charges
10Which of the following statement about floating objects correct?The buoyant force equals the object’s weight.
11Let F1 be the magnitude of the gravitational force exerted on the sun by Earth and F2 be the magnitude of the force exerted on Earth by the sun. Then:F1 is equal to F2
12Sound waves areLongitudinal
13The first condition of equilibrium implies that:F = 0
14One revolution is the same as:2n rad
15Ali wants to lift a mass of 7.5 kg with constant velocity by a rope that passes through a frictionless pulley which is attached to the ceiling of room. Calculate the tension in the rope by neglecting the mass of the rope.75 N
16The speed of a sound wave is determined by:The transmitting medium
17A force of 100 N acts upon a body for five second. What will be the change in momentum?500 NS
18Which pair will always have the same magnitude to the rate of change of position?Instantaneous speed and instantaneous velocity
19A municipal water supply is provided by a tall water tower. Water from this flower to a building. How does the water flow out of a faucet on the ground floor of a building compare with the water flow out of an identical faucet on the second floor of the building?Water flows more rapidly out of the ground-floor faucet.
20The dot product of vector A with itself is equal toA^2
21An elastic collision is one in which:Kinetic energy and momentum are both conserved
22The center of mass of Earth’s atmosphere is :Near the center of Earth
23For a body to be in equilibrium under the combined action of several forces.The sum of the torques about any point must equal zero
24Swimming becomes possible because of:Third law of motion
25When a wave travels through a mediumEnergy is transferred at a constant speed
26Young’s modulus is a proportionality constant that relates the force per unit area applied perpendicularly at the surface of an object to: The fractional change in length
27Coulomb’s law is only true for point charges whose sizes areVery small
28Which of the following statement is true?Weight is a force, mass is a measure of inertia
29Possible unit of angular momentum are:Kg.m/s2
30If the force acting on a body is doubled then the acceleration becomes:Double
31Momentum may be expressed in:N.s
32A man, with his arms at his sides, is spinning on a light frictionless turntable. When he extends his arms:His angular momentum remains the same
33The approximate value of g at an altitude above Earth equal to one Earth diameter is:1.1m/s2
34Young’s modulus can be used to calculate the strain for a stress that is:Well below the yield strength
35Unit of distance is:Light year
36SI unit of time period is________.Second
37The rate of change of momentum of a body is equal to:Applied force
38A rocket ship is coasting toward a planet. Its captain wishes to know the value of g at the surface of the planet. This may be inferred by:Observing the ship’s acceleration and correcting for the distance from the center of the planet:
39A 1-kg block is lifted vertically 1m by a boy. The work done by the boy is about:10 J
40As the wavelength of a wave in a uniform medium increases, its frequency will______.Decrease
41Which of the following cases is/are NOT a uniformly accelerated motion? A feather falls from a certain height inside a vacuum tube.A ball rolls along a frictionless plane at uniform speed.A coin falls from a certain height in air but air resistance is negligible.  (ii) only
42As per coulomb’s law, the force of attraction or repulsion between two point charge directly proportional to the.Product of the magnitude of charges
43Which of the following statement about completely submerged objects resting on the ocean bottom is correct?The apparent weight of the object depends on the object ‘s density
44The momentum of an object at a given instant is independent of its:Acceleration
45A vector A is added to a vector B. the resultant vector A + B have greatest magnitude when:When vectors A and B are parallel and in the same direction
46Two sound waves are traveling through a container of unknown gas. Wave A has a wavelength of 1.2 m. wave B has a wavelength of 3.6M. The velocity of wave B must be_____ the velocity of wave A.The same as
47Work has dimensions like:Torque
48Which statement is not true for acceleration?Riding your bike straight down the street at a constant speed
49Water flows into a house at a velocity of 15 m/s through a pipe that has a radius of 0.40 m. the water then flows through a smaller pipe at a velocity of 45 m/s. what is the radius of the smaller pipe?0.23 m
50The unit kg.m2/s can be used for:Angular momentum
51A  water tunnel has a circular cross section where the diameter diminishes from 3.6 m to 1.2 m. if the velocity of water flow is 3.0 m/s in the large part of the tunnel, what is the velocity of flow in the smaller part of the tunnel?27 m/s
52What is the angle of projection of projectile, for which its maximum height and horizontal range are equal?76
53A mosquito’s buzz is often rated with a decibel rating of 40 dB. Normal conversation is often rated at 60 dB. How many times more intense is normal conversation compared to a mosquito’s buzz?100
54People try to keep the………… over their feet, in order to feel stable.Centre of gravity
55The goal of all scientific inquiry (or scientific method) is:Predicting natural events based on known patterns
56Before the density of an object can be found, what two measurements are required?Mass and volume
57A……………….. vector is obtained by dividing the vector by its magnitude:unit
  59When two lights are in close proximity to each other, flashing alternately, appear to be one light moving back and forth, it is called:Phi phenomenon  
60Which of the following monocular cue refers that higher objects seem to be more distant?Relative height  
61Which of the following is NOT one of Piaget’s stages of development?Operational  
6250 school going children were given the certain medione for increasing their energy level. What is the dependent variable in this research?Amount of medicine  
63The amount of light entering the eye is controlled by which of the followings?Pupil  
64Which of the following process is suggested by Bandura that help human behavior to learn?Observation  
65A gene that only influences the expression of a trait when paired with an identical gene is known as what?Dominant  
66Who formulated the Law of Effect?Thorndike  
67All of the following are the areas of interest for Behaviorists EXCEPT:Unconscious desires  
68Which of the following principle was NOT proposed by Aristotle?Ground and Figure  
69Which of the following need as proposed by Maslow is fulfilled through marriage and friendship?Safety  
70Which of the following learning forms an association between two stimuli?Classical conditioning  
71Which of the following statement best describes “Hormones”?Chemicals released into the bloodstream by the endocrine glands  
72Which of the following structure of ear is a tube like passage through which the sound waves travel to the inner part of the ear?Ear drum  
73Helmholtz’s explanation of color vision is called as what?Trichromatic theory  
74Rod-shaped structures in the cell nucleus that contain genes are referred as what?Chromosomes  
75The wave pattern which becomes more regular and may momentarily shows sharp peaks, or waves that are sharply pointed, is/are called:Sleep spindles  
76In which of the following process sensory receptors become less sensitive to repeated presentations of the same stimulus?Sensation  
78In the theory of classical conditioning, the acronym UCR stands for which of the following?Unconditioned response  
79Jean Piaget is famous for his theory of ________.Cognitive development  
80Farha is interested to study about progressive change in individuals’ body and their functions throughout the life span. She is more likely to study:Biological changes  
81All of the following are considered as the founders of gestalt school of thought EXCEPT: Max Wertheimer  
82Which of the following statement best describes the survey research method?sample of people are asked questions  
83Which of the following statement best describes “Endocrine glands”?These are chemicals released into the bloodstream  
84All of the following statements concern with the concept of learning EXCEPT:Learning is another word for physical growth  
85Which of the following is NOT a part of mid brain?  Cerebrum  
86Which of the following therapy was introduced by Albert Ellis?Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy  
87People do take drugs for all of the following reasons Except:Building relationships  
88Which of the following process is suggested by Bandura that help human behavior to learn?Observation  
89In “Little Albert” study, which of the following was the fear-producing stimulus used as UCS?Loud noise  
90Who gave the concept of “Tabula Rasa”?John Locke  
91Which of the following harmone is involved in the growth and proper functioning of gonads and ovaries?Gonadotropic  
92Who among the followings gave the concept of Insight?Wolfgang Kohler  
93Which of the following psychologist refers that environment and external world shapes and determines behavior?J. B. Watson  
94Which of the followings are the branch-like structures that receive messages from other neurons?Dendrites  
95Today psychology is considered as the scientific study of which of the followings?Behavior and mental processes  
96Which of the following syndrome occurs when excessive amounts of glucocorticoid hormones are secreted in the body?Cushing syndrome  
97Who among the following talked about the “cognitive maps”?Tolman  
98All of the following are the nature of correlation EXCEPT:Standard Correlation  
99Which of the following is a clear and colorless fluid covering the entire surface of central nervous system?Cerebrospinal fluid  
100Coherent sources of light mean ________.They must have same frequency  
101Point where force causes system to move without rotation iscenter of mass  
102When you step on the accelerator to increase the speed of your car, the force that accelerates the car isthe force of friction of the road on the tires  
103The focal length of a spherical mirror is N times its radius of curvature where N is:1/2  
104When an object (iron/tungsten) is heated, it emits light, it emits infrared (IR) light when it is heated at a temperature ________.Below 800 degree C  
105Earth exerts a gravitational force on the Moon, keeping it in its orbit. The reaction to this force, in the sense of Newton’s third law, is:the centripetal force on the Moon  
106The torque about any two points has the same value when the body is in.translational equilibrium  
107The turning effect of a force is called the force’s.torque/moment  
108The fundamental dimensions of angular momentum areML2T-1  
109Sound waves arelongitudinal  
110A light entering into glass prism from air does not give change in its:Frequency  
111Add two vectors of length 4 m & 5 m but their orientation is not known, The length after addition of these two vectors will be:between 9 m and 1 m  
112Which of the following is true of all virtual images?None of the given  
113The wavelength of red light is 700 nm. Its frequency is ________.4.29 * 10^14 Hertz  
114Kirchhoff’s first rule is the manifestation of the law of conservation of:Charge  
115Which of the following will remain unchanged when a sound wave travels in air or in water?Frequency  
116Bending of light around the edges of an obstacle called:Diffraction  
117Which of the following statements are TRUE of sound waves? Identify all that apply.To hear the sound of a tuning fork, the tines of the fork must move air from the fork to one’s ear
118Electric energy is measured:Kilowatt hour  
119When the momentum of a body is doubled, its kinetic energy ________ .Becomes four times its initial energy  
120A plane produces a sonic boom only when:it flys faster than the speed of sound  
121If Io is the peak value of an AC supply, then its rms value is given as lrms:Io/{2  
122A force of 5000N is applied outwardly to each end of a 5.0-m long rod with a radius of 34.0 cm and a Young’s modulus of 125 x 108 N/m2. The elongation of the rod is:0.0020mm  
123The sum of electric and magnetic force is called:Lorentz force  
124The total energy in an LC circuit is 5.0 × 10-6 J. If L = 25mH the maximum current is:20mA  
125Which of the following electromagnetic radiations has photons with the greatest energy?x rays  
126According to the equation of work, when a boy sits in one place and studies for the whole night , he doesno work  
127A source of frequency of 500 Hz emits waves of wavelength 0.4 m, how long does the wave take to travel 600 m?3 s  
128acceleration of an object must be zero at a point where:the average velocity is zero  
129No lens is perfect because ________.They suffer from aberration  
130If 0.5 T field over an area of 2m3 which lies at an angle of 600 with field.. Then the resultant flux will be0.50 Wb  
131The center of mass of a uniform disk of radius R is located:at the center  
132Following are the ways by which light can interact with matter, EXCEPT:Interference  
133A 2.0-kg block travels around a 0.5-m radius circle with an angular velocity of 12 rad/s. Its angular momentum about the center of the circle is:12 kg.m2/s  
134If a simple pendulum oscillates with an amplitude 50 mm and time period 2s, then its maximum velocity is.0.15 m/s  
135The angular momentum vector of Earth about its rotation axis, due to its daily rotation, is directed:north  
136Coulomb’s law is only true for point charges whose sizes areLarge
137A generator supplies 100V to the primary coil of a transformer. The primary has 50 turns and the secondary has 500 turns. The secondary voltage is:1000V  
138Work may be done by ________.only living organisms  
139A mosquito’s buzz is often rated with a decibel rating of 40 dB. Normal conversation is often rated at 60 dB. How many times more intense is normal conversation compared to a mosquito’s buzz?20
140The least distance of distinct vision for normal eye:25 cm  
141The amplitude modulation frequency ranges from:540 kHz to 1600 kHz  
142A sound wave has a wavelength of 3.0m. The distance from a compression center to the adjacent to the rarefaction center is:need to know frequency  
143A force of 120 N is exerted on a 40 kg container which sits on afloor. If the frictional force between floor and container is 80 N. What is the magnitude of the acceleration of the container?2 ms^-2  

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