SOC101 Solved Grand Quiz Spring 2021

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 SOC101 Solved Grand Quiz Spring 2021


  • Who among the following is known as second founder of sociology? Herbert Spenser
  • In which of the following stage of research process, researcher tries to make connection between different variables? Theoretical Framework
  • Which of the following is the first step in conducting sociological investigation?

Area of Interest Identified

  • Sociologists look for social location in a society, in order to see:_ why people do what they do
  • In which stage of research process the specific issue to be researched may not be identified properly?Broad Area of Interest Identified
  • Quaid-e-Azam being a great leader of Pakistan is for Pakistanis. reference individual
  • Preliminary information gathering on the issue that has been observed by a researcher is known as: Exploration
  • Science can be defined as:_ a logic system base knowledge of direct systematic observation
  • Observation and re-observation is the main characteristic of: science
  • In theoretical framework which of the following task is done by researcher?

associations variables

  • In which type of group an individual feels hostility or opposition? Out-group
  • All the students in Sociology class will be known as a: Crowd
  • Who among the following focuses on basic tasks of society those are important for survival of the system? Talcott Parsons
  • If a number of people share some common characteristics, they will be called as


  • In which characteristic of scientific method observation of one researcher can be confirmed or rejected by other researcher? Verifiable
  • Which of the following term is used to describe a process of preparing and collecting data?    Data collection
  • People should develop the ability to understand their own lives in terms of larger social forces, it is known as: sociological imagination
  • Thinking of society as a living organism in which each part of the organism contributes to its survival is a reflection of which theoretical perspective? Functionalist
  • You are a student of Sociology class at Virtual University, it status. _____is your . Social
  • Who among the following first used discipline of Sociology to assess their ideas?


  • The information that can be verified with our senses is known as: empirical evidence
  • The larger arena in which we make our decisions in everyday situation is called: Society
  • Sociology as a separate academic discipline was introduced by: Emile Durkheim
  • All Muslims are terrorists, is an example of: Stereotypes
  • Which of the following theorists considered Class Conflict as a key to human existence in history? Karl Marx
  • Which concept refers to a status that has special importance for social identity, often shaping a person’s entire life? Master status
  • Which one of the following is an everyday meaning of social status? Power
  • Goals of science include all EXCEPT: To predict and explain
  • Which one of the following BEST explains a Crowd? Passengers waiting at a bus terminal
  • The idea of Darwinism for the development of human society was applied by:

Herbert Spencer

  • In replacement of hypothesis what else could be produced by researcher in his/her study?


  • A statement of how and why specific facts are related is called:         Theory
  • ·         Suppose in a Madrassa school system students are encouraged to start their own business rather than doing jobs in NGOs, which type of function is it performing? Latent
  • In which characteristic of scientific method a statements opened to challenge by anyone? Self correcting
  • Which of the following provides the basic picture of a society? Paradigm
  • The replicability of the phenomenon is essential for repeating the observation, it is….characteristic of scientific method. Verifiable
  • C. Wright Mills gave the idea of: Social Imagination
  • The socially defined expectations that a person in 4 given status follows are called his/her


  • Who among the following gave the idea of Sociological
  • Imagination? Wright Mills
  • Sociology is ______The systematic study of social behavior and human groups
  • Quaid -e-Azam being a great leader of Pakistan is for Pakistanis.______ Ideal personality
  • Suppose, two researchers found that high suicide rate in Pakistan is due to increasing poverty, it
  • means that the phenomenon        Poverty is. Deterministic
  • According to the functionalist perspective, which one of the following is the most notable feature of society. stability
  • Suppose you are going to analyze the impact of food chemicals on health condition of a group of children. This phenomenon can also be observed by your friends and other people around and can be tested as well Which characteristic of scientific method is applicable here?


  • Struggle and revolution that may change the system is the basic motto of which theoretical paradigm? Structural functionalist
  • Sociology differs from common sense as: it focuses on the researchers own experiences
  • Pakistani team is….. for Australian team. Play group
  • Which one of the following is NOT a pull factor of migration? political stability
  • Which of the following is also known as social dynamic? Social change
  • Which of the following is ignored by Structural Functionalists in their theories? Modernization and its impact
  • Which of the following is the BEST example of society’s act on our social actions?

Restriction an dowry practices in India

  • Which one of the following is considered the study of everyday interaction of individuals and group behavior? sociology
  • Systematic observation and impartiality are associated with:. scientific method
  • Considering oneself a Pakistani is an example of. Social status
  • The interpretation of facts with the help of logical arguments is known as.


  • Why some groups are called as primary groups”? All of the given options
  • What is the term for the process by which people disengage from important social rales? Role exit
  • The change in thinking pattern of Auguste Comte was result of: Industrial revolution
  • A temporary cluster of individuals who may or may not interact at all is known as: Crowd
  • Which one of the following BEST explains a Secondary Group? Students of psychology class
  • Everyday interaction of individuals is the essence of society is the basic theme of which theoretical perspective? Structural functionalist
  • Away of understanding the world based on science is called as. Positivism
  • Conducting a survey or setting up the experiments of study is done in which stage of research process? Research design
  • What causes a society to change after its settlement? Auguste Comte looks for the answer of this question in: Scientific method
  • Which type of forces work even in the isolated situation of self-destruction? Social
  • Riot against Government on Mall road is an example of. social orientation
  • Suppose you are ordered by your CEO to fire one of the employees of your team who is also your close friend, you are expected to face: Role strain
  • Suppose you are trying to explore the factors of beggary in Pakistan by applying scientific method, which theoretical approach are you applying in this situation? positivism
  • ·         All of the following are examples of non-verbal communication EXCEPT: Walk
  • At which step of sociological investigation researcher tells about tools of data collection?

research design

  • Suppose a teacher is preparing his/her students for doing a job at managerial level, he/she is performing which type of function? Latent
  • Which of the following is also known as social static? Social order
  • Who among following is the advocate of the Symbolic Interaction Paradigm? Herbert Spenser
  • Who among the following is recognized as founder of sociology? Auguste Comte
  • Which one of the following concepts refers to 4 social group with only two members? A Dyad
  • A sociologist observes that the economic and religious systems in the United States help to maintain the stability of the society. Which sociological perspective indicates this approach?Functionalist perspective
  • Co-workers at a place of work and members of a political party are examples of: Secondary group
  • Which of the following last step of research process? Report writing
  • Rigid and unfair generalization about an entire category of people is called: Prejudice
  • Which one of the following is every society’s most important primary group?Play group
  • How many factors lead to the development of sociology as a discipline? Three
  • Suppose a professional who is also a parent and is unable to decide whether to work an extra hour at office or attend a meeting at his child’s school. He is experiencing role: Strain
  • Empiricism is a combination of: Observation, verification, testing
  • At which stage of sociological investigation problem definition is done? Third
  • The concept of Old Age in Pakistan is different from West, if you are going to study the old age patterns in Pakistani society which approach will you follow? Seeing the general in the particular
  • The process by which people act and react in relation to others is called: Social interaction
  • Which of the following is recognized as, a clear, precise and concise statement of the question or issue that is to be investigated with the goal of finding an answer or solution? Problem definition
  • All of the following are functions of a Primary Group EXCEPT. Social control execution
  • Why gender is a social construction? Because society determines the gander image
  • The information that can be verified with our senses is. Empirical evidence
  • Who among following is the advocate of the Symbolic Interaction Paradigm? Auguste Comte
  • All of the following concepts are socially constructed phenomenon EXCEPT: death
  • Suppose in your native land employment opportunities are limited and agricultural developments poor. proposed idea is to migrate toward cities. Which factor of migration will be involved in this situation? push
  • Suppose Mr. Anwar decides to leave a job voluntarily. he experiences: Role exit
  • All of the following concepts are socially constructed EXCEPT.Death
  • Conducting a “Review of Literature” is an explanation of which characteristic of scientific method? DETRMINATION
  • Masses of people migrated to cities at the end of nineteenth century, it was result of: JOBS
  • “Higher the rate of pollution, higher will be the rate of disease” it is an example of . HYPOTHESIS
  • ·         Those patterns which approximate cultural prospects are known as: real culture
  • Which of the following sociologist originated the term stigma to describe the labels society uses to discredit people? Erving Goffman
  • The issue of child labor is associated with: Developing countries
  • Late adulthood covers which years of life course? 50 to 65
  • Which type of standards have been considered as essential in maintaining 4 way of life? Folkaway
  • Friends, family, sub-cultures and police thet influence us to not to deviate, are all part of. Outer control system
  • Mr. Baqir is 45 years ald, working as a manger in a bank. One day he evaluates his current position in context with his early expectations ta life. This evaluation process occurs at which stage of life course? Middle adulthood
  • Providing different types of health facilities to different social classes on the basis of their economic system is an example of: Social status
  • Ahmed has a great difficulty in changing his social status due to pressure of elders: he is representing which of the following system? Closed
  • An increasing trend in our society with reference to purchase of summer clothes is of designers lawn. It can be included in: popular culture
  • Suppose Nadeem is habitual of stealing stationary items from different places. He is caught by his company manager and they tried ta explore the causes of his habit within his personality. The manager is most likely follow which school of thought? Psychological
  • Which of the following is a manifest function of schools? Learning of during manners
  • Suppose Ahmad murdered his class fellow on a petty matter. Investigator collects information about his personality and habit from family. friends and teachers. The investigator is most likely to follow which school of Through. Sociology
  • Bureaucratic environment gives rise ta which of the following? alienation
  • Which types of organizations are called as total institutions? coercive
  • Whistle, flashing light. thumbs up are all examples of: Symbols
  • In Pakistani society people are ranked in upper. middle and lower classes. this ranking of society shows: Social stratification
  • Who among the following is the pioneer of bureaucracy? Max weber
  • Government agencies working for the social welfare of the masses are considered as: Coercive organizations
  • Which one of the following is guided by values in everyday life? culture and practices
  • Freud’s nation of the ego referred ta: The unconscious mass of instinctive drives
  • Erving Goffman used which of the following term to refer to attributes that discredit people?Stigma
  • According to the sociological explanation. all are the characteristics of deviance EXCEPT: Deviance lies in response to others
  • In Pakistani society. teenagers are advised by elders to avoid smoking and mixing with other gender. This practice comes under which type of norm? Proscriptive
  • Farah. a ten year old girl was thirsty. rather than waiting for her mother to refill her glass of water. she rushed to her brother across the table and snatched his glass for drinking water. In her action which element of Freud’s theory was involved? ID
  • In the absence of which of the following conditions a child’s learning capacity is last? Interaction
  • Pollution leading to physical harm/death, and there are side effects of drugs as well as contraceptives, such crimes are often seen as: Crimes of the powerful
  • In some cases Hindus feel their own culture as superior to others. they show: Multiculturalism
  • Which one of the following has less moral significance for individuals and is less reacted upon by the people? folkways
  • The ranking of people and the rewards they receive based on objective criteria. often including wealth. power. and prestige indicates: Social stratification

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